Chip’s “To Die For” Grilled Romaine

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Chip's "To Die For" Grilled Romaine
This grilled romaine is a guest favorite. Beautiful with a wow taste bud factor!
  1. Rinse one romaine head and pat dry. Cut the head in half leaving in what we call the "butt". You want it to hold together.
  2. Brush with olive oil and place on a medium grill. Char quickly until it produces some color but doesn't burn.
  3. Remove and place on a decorative salad plate.
  4. Sprinkle half the tomatoes and half the bacon on each head.
  5. Stream on the It Takes Three to Tango dressing and top with lines of the glaze.
  6. Sprinkle with Parmesan shreds.
  7. Place French's onions in a pile in the middle.
Recipe Notes

This can be made without grilling the lettuce if the weather doesn't permit. Lacks the grill flavor but still really good!

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